Safe use of fertiliser

Yara Malaysia have produced a brochure on the safe use of fertilisers on farm to highlight and provide advice on all of the health and safety issues that arise when using fertiliser on the farm.

Yara's Guide to the Safe Use of Fertilisers on Farm brochure

Yara's Guide to the Safe Use of Fertilisers on Farm brochure (PDF 2.8MB) 

Yara's guide to the safe use of fertilizers on farm brochureThis brochure highlights the safety issues that arise when using fertilisers on the farm and specifically to provide advice on these issues:

  • Personal safety when handling fertiliser products
  • Good housekeeping practice for inside and outdoor storage
  • The need for security when storing fertilisers
  • Minimising environmental impact during storage and use
  • The importance of reading product labels and supplier Safety Data Sheets
  • Updated product labeling information resulting from the introduction of the European Classification, Labeling and Packaging Regs (EC) No.1272/2008

Fertiliser stewardship programme

Yara Malaysia operates a Fertiliser Stewardship programme to ensure that proper care is taken along the whole fertiliser value chain from product development, purchase of raw materials and manufacturing right up to the end delivery and use on the farm. Through this programme Yara Malaysia is fully committed to give proper advice to ensure the health and safety of its stakeholders and customers as well as addressing environmental issues, safe food production and security against theft and misuse.

Yara Malaysia is a member of the FIAM (Fertiliser Industry Association of Malaysia), a Malaysia fertiliser industry initiative launched to assure the security and traceability in the industry supply chain. FIAM covers all fertilisers intended for agriculture, horticulture, forestry, amenity and any commercial use – not home garden - and takes a “risk assessment” approach to achieving the necessary level of assurance.